Pre-Convention Workshops

This list of pre-convention workshops will change as additional workshops are finalized and added to the agenda.

April 5 

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Train-the-Trainer: Using the AACC Competencies for Community College Leaders
Maximum attendance: 40 people
What’s included: snacks and materials
Price: $250 for members; $750 for non-members

This session will walk attendees through the variety of ways in which the Competencies can be used for assessment, performance improvement, and preparation for promotion. The document can also be used for succession planning and evaluation of employees.

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Bootcamp for Chairs

Maximum attendance: 40 people
What’s included: Lunch, snacks, and materials
Price: $500 for members; $1000 for non-members

The Bootcamp for Chairs is a one-day preconference session broken into workplace behaviors, change leadership, and change management. In this session, leaders identify their own Workplace Behavior Style and learn the preferences of others with different styles. Participants will expand behavioral awareness and flexibility to maximize individual performance, team engagement, and organizational effectiveness. The afternoon session will explore the multi-faceted nature of change and its phases, focusing on all change dimensions. Participants will explore their Change Leader Style and the critical role organizational leaders play during change initiatives.  


11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Everything, Everywhere All at Once: Leaders of Color Mastering Change
Hosted by the National Asian Pacific Islander Council (NAPIC), the National Council on Black American Affairs (NCBAA), and the National Community College Hispanic Council (NCCHC)

Maximum attendance: 40 people
What’s included: Lunch and materials
Price: $350


This professional development workshop is designed for higher education administrators, focusing on the unique experiences of leaders of color and their allies. This session will focus on the ever-changing landscape within higher education and includes case study discussions, a group “platica” on leadership, and the opportunity to share and hear insights and working solutions from diverse leaders nationwide. Lunch and snacks will be provided. 

NAPIC, NCBAA, and NCCHC are managing registration for this pre-con, so it will not appear in the AACC registration form. To register for this pre-con, click here.

Getting and Keeping Your First Community College Presidency
Maximum attendance: 40 people
What’s included: Snacks and materials
Price: $250 for members; $750 for non-members

This professional development workshop is designed for senior-level higher education administrators who are aspiring community college CEOs. This informative session will provide individuals with the necessary strategies and knowledge to secure their first presidency and examine the essential factors required to maintain and thrive in the role. More specifically, the workshop will guide how to leverage an executive search firm successfully, assess and identify an excellent institutional fit, navigate shifting internal and external political landscapes, discuss community college presidency leadership competencies, examine the challenges encountered by today’s community college presidents; enhance interviewing skills; strategically manage social media; and, review current community college president trend-data.


April 5 - 6


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
New CEO Academy

Maximum attendance: 40 people
What’s included: Breakfast, lunch, reception, snacks, and materials
Price: $600 for members; $1200 for non-members

(Must be a new first-time CEO to participate in this workshop.)

This two-day professional development opportunity for CEOs in their first two years on the job will cover the most pressing trends and issues impacting our sector. Participate with your peers and hear from experts on topics like equity, enrollment management, and college operations, among others. Case studies and other hands-on activities will be included in this session. (Breakfast and lunch included, as well as a closing reception.)


April 6

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Identifying and Understanding Unconscious Bias

Maximum attendance: 40 ppl
What’s included: Breakfast, snacks, and materials
Price: $300 for members; $800 for non-members

Our unconscious bias significantly impacts how we relate to others, engage with our teams, and achieve collective results. With a direct link between bias and outcomes, these predispositions can limit and inhibit thinking, decision-making, performance, innovation, and results. As leaders, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our teams, and our organization to examine this alignment and become aware of our biases to open our minds to making progress and improving negative impacts. This session creates opportunities for leaders to discuss the relationship between bias, behavior, and performance and its impact at the personal, organizational, and societal levels. We will identify shared preferences in everyday situations and explore how they might hinder performance. Our goal is to recognize how bias is inherent to the way our brain works and understand how it informs the way we define ourselves and the way we define the people around us.

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Apple and Higher Education

Maximum attendance: 40 people
What’s included: breakfast, snacks, and materials
Price: $250 for members; $750 for non-members

Cutting-edge technology in higher education makes it easier for leaders to execute their vision of success, and Apple technology is redefining every aspect of higher education. This session will guide you through how Apple teams with higher education institutions to build seamless technology-based experiences that eliminate barriers for students, faculty, and staff.

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM 
Building a Sustainable Future: The Role of Community Colleges in Combatting Climate Change and Preparing Students for the Green Economy
Maximum attendance: 20 people
What’s included: Lunch, snacks
Price: $75 for members; $140 for non-members

The goal for this half-day pre-conference session, led by the Community College Research Center, is to spotlight innovative efforts by community colleges and identify incentives and barriers to community college action to prepare students for jobs in the green economy. The session will facilitate networking and exchange among colleges to share resources and strategies for engaging employers, developing new programs, and catalyzing further action in their communities.

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
How Culturally Responsive Affinity Groups Assist in the Strengthening and Belonging of Community College Administrators

Maximum attendance: 40 people
What’s included: snacks and materials
Price: $200 for members; $700 for non-members

The need for participation in culturally responsive affinity groups is more significant due to many factors. The data is clear that attrition remains high among Black community college administrators. This workshop will explore what practices are being used to strengthen the need and the foundational skills needed to be and remain successful in their prospective roles- especially in rural, suburban, and/or predominately white institutions. Also, what resources would you be able to help with this foundational need? This workshop will assist with strategies and exercises utilizing case studies to broaden the vision of what is truly needed to succeed at any level as an administrator. The workshop will also discuss the need to work with culturally responsive curriculum/affinity groups to successfully build capacity for Black leaders.

12:00 – 4:30 PM
Summit on Men in Education

Maximum attendance: 250 people
What’s included: Heavy snacks
Price: Free for members; $750 for non-members

This summit will include two plenary sessions (student and community organization panels), as well as six breakout sessions (registrants will choose two) to discuss the imperative of declining participation of males in higher education, as well as low completion rates for those that do engage in pursuing higher education. The topic areas will include: 
•    Getting males re-engaged in higher education
•    Addressing structural barriers for Black and Latino men in community college education
•    Best practices for what works versus the story that your data tells 
•    Creating a sense of belonging in the classroom and throughout the college campus
•    Innovative partnerships that can provide cover to Anti-DEI rhetoric
•    Understanding the identities of the students we serve
•    Faculty development to address the complex needs of students in the classroom 

2:00 – 3:00 PM
New Conference Attendee Orientation

Maximum attendance: 100 people
Price: Free for members and non-members

You can go ahead and register for the new conference attendee orientation to get helpful tips on maneuvering your first meeting. 

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