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AACC will be held April 5-9, 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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EXHIBITORS MUST register as booth staff through the Exhibitor Service Center.

SPEAKERS MUST register to attend through the Speaker Service Center.

At the time that you register, you will receive the rate that corresponds to your institution’s /organization’s membership status. No refunds will be granted if membership status changes after registration is completed. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions before registering for AACC 2024.  
Type Description


Member is a college, non-profit organization, or company with a current institutional, educational associate, or corporate partner membership. Individual membership does not meet the member requirement.
Examples: Community college CEOs, executives, managers, entry-level employees

Non-Member (Not for Profit)

Non-member is a non-profit or philanthropic organization.
Example: ECMC Foundation


Corporate is a for-profit entity currently engaged or seeking engagement with two-year colleges.
Examples: Ellucian, Ferrilli
Graduate Student

This rate is for graduate students currently enrolled in doctoral programs—proof of current enrollment is required for this rate. 
Note: Students must upload a letter from the doctoral program coordinator on official college letterhead attesting to an individual's enrollment in a graduate program. The letter must also include the number of hours the student is enrolled in.

Member (Faculty)

Faculty employed by an institutional member. Faculty is defined as instructor, assistant/associate professor, and professor only. Rate restricted to teaching and learning sessions. Chairs and Deans are not eligible for this rate. 

Non-Member (Faculty)

Faculty employed by a non-Member college. Individual memberships are not applicable. Faculty is defined as instructor, assistant/associate professor, and professor only. Rate restricted to teaching and learning sessions. Chairs and Deans are not eligible for this rate.

Special Rate (Past and Current Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty)

This special rate is reserved for past and current Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty honorees.

How community college positions are defined.

  • Faculty: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor
  • Entry-level: administrative assistant, advisor, analyst, chair, coordinator, counselor, designer, operator, specialist
  • Manager: dean, director, executive director
  • Executive: assistant vice president, associate vice president, vice president
  • Chief Executive Officer: president, chancellor

AACC 2024 is open to higher education professionals, affiliated councils, think tanks, federal government employees, foundation representatives, corporate entities, and non-profit organizations. No one under 18 may enter the show at any time. AACC reserves the right to refuse ineligible registrations.


All registrations are reviewed to ensure they meet AACC eligibility policies. AACC reserves the right to refuse or cancel all ineligible registrations at any time and shall not be held accountable for any outside fees associated with this cancellation. AACC reserves the right to modify the registration rate for an individual found to have registered for a rate they are not qualified for. 

Registration and participation in AACC meetings and other activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant and AACC that the association can use and distribute the registrant's image or voice in photographs, videos, electronic reproductions and audio recordings of such events and activities by AACC.

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