We have compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you answer our regularly received questions.


Q:    What does base registration include?
A:    The base registration for the AACC Annual Meeting includes the registrant's gift choice, all sessions and exhibitors kiosks, and the opening reception. While the opening session is available at no cost to the registrant, the Opening session must be selected during the registration process.

Q:    What does base registration not include?

A:    Base registration does not include the Hail and Farewell Luncheon, the Awards of Excellence Gala, or the Outstanding Alumni Celebration. AACC also has no control over breakfast meetings and receptions hosted by affiliated organizations.  If you are interested in attending one or more events hosted by an affiliate, please contact that organization directly to inquire about participating.

Q:    Does registration close?

A:    Yes. Registration for the 2024 AACC Annual will close on March 22, 2024, at 5:00 PM ET.

Q:    Will registration reopen after it closes?

A:    No. Once registration closes, it will not reopen. 

Q:     Will AACC offer onsite registration? 

A:     No. AACC will not offer onsite registration in 2024. 

Q:    I registered, but I forgot to add an item.  Can I add it later?

A:    There are maximum limits on most sale items. For example, most preconference workshops have a maximum participation of 40 people. No additional tickets will be available once all tickets are sold for plenaries and enrichment activities. Individuals registering for AACC Annual are encouraged to select the items they are interested in attending when they register.

Q:    I registered when my college was a non-member.  Now, my college is a member. Am I eligible for a refund of the difference?

A:    Unfortunately, no. The fees at the time that you registered were correct. You were not a member. AACC does not apply membership retroactively.  If you begin registration and your college has not paid its membership, please ensure that happens before registering.

Q:    I had a discount code that I didn’t use. Can I retroactively add it to my account? 

A:    You can use a discount code when you initially register only. If you anticipate using a discount code due to your title (i.e., AACC Board Member) or through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), DO NOT register until you receive the discount code. If you register and fail to add the discount code when you submit your registration form, it cannot be added after the registration is complete.

Q:    I didn’t register by the deadline but would still like to attend AACC Annual. Can I?

A:    Regrettably, we cannot accommodate this request. You must register to attend the meeting, select each event you want to attend, and pay your fees before the deadline.

Q:    On the website, I see multiple rates. How does this work?

A:     The association has standard member/non-member on-time rates from November 4, 2023 to February 29, 2024. Beginning March 1, 2024, the member and non-member rates increase. Registration is considered late if it takes place March 1–22, 2024. An exception is the Millennial/Gen Z rate, which will expire on Friday, January 19, at 4:59 p.m. Millennials and Gen Z attendees registering after January 19 will receive the standard rate that corresponds to their member status.

Q:    Can substitutions/registration transfers be requested onsite?

A:    No. The individual with the original registration must ensure that the registration fee is paid for the registration. Then, he/she/they must request the registration substitution before the start of the annual meeting.

Q:    I planned to attend the meeting but have an emergency.  What can I do?

A:     Please take your time to review the meeting policies before registering.  Unless you purchased Emergency Cancellation Protection when you registered, beginning on March 1, 2024, refunds will not be issued under any circumstances, including but not limited to family and medical emergencies, flight cancellations, no-shows, etc. Credits will not be issued for a future year. You are encouraged to consider transferring the registration to another individual at your college, so you do not forfeit the fees paid.

Q:      I need to pay my registration. What forms of payment does AACC accept?

A:      AACC accepts checks and most major credit cards. If you plan to pay by check, the payment must be received by AACC no later than February 29. Beginning March 1, 2024, only credit card payments will be accepted until registration closes on March 22. Registration will not reopen or open onsite.


Q:     I need to cancel my registration. What do I do?

A:    If you cancel your registration before the cancellation date of February 29, you have two options.  You may log into the appropriate Service Center (attendee, speaker, exhibitor) and cancel your registration OR you can contact the registration call center at 847-620-4467 or aacc_registration@goeshow.com to request the cancellation. If the cancellation is received on or before February 29, the registrant will be assessed a $250 cancellation fee, and the remaining funds will be refunded. If the registrant has an emergency (covered through the Emergency Cancellation Program) between March 25–April 6, the individual must cancel and submit a claim for a refund.  If the individual cancels after February 29 up to the event’s start, and he/she/they does not have Emergency Cancellation Protection, he/she/they are not entitled to a refund.

Q:    I registered for a ticketed event or pre-conference workshop and now want to cancel it.  Can I do that?

A:     Again, we encourage registrants to read all policies before making registration selections.  Refunds for pre-convention workshops, general plenaries, or other ticketed events will not be issued. You can cancel without a refund.

Q:    What is Emergency Cancellation Protection (ECP)?

A:    Like airlines, AACC now offers a program to all AACC Annual attendees to protect your financial investment. Should you register for AACC Annual and sign up for Emergency Cancellation Protection, should you have to cancel your trip (based upon any covered scenario), you can submit a claim for a full refund of your base registration and any ticketed events that you purchased. Only cancellations taking place between March 25–April 6, 2024, are covered. A claim must be submitted with appropriate documentation within 30 days of the end of the event.

Q:    My flight was canceled by the airline, and I cannot attend the meeting. Can I get a refund of my registration and fees?

A:    If you purchased Emergency Cancellation Protection to protect the fees you paid to attend the meeting, you may be eligible for a full refund. The flight cancellation must occur on the first meeting day to request a refund through this program. Otherwise, a flight cancellation is treated as a no-show, and you are not eligible for a refund.

Q:    I didn’t purchase Emergency Cancellation Protection. I couldn’t travel to the meeting, and I want a refund. What do I do?

A:    Please review the association’s policies for refunds and cancellations. AACC does not offer refunds or credits after February 29. If you purchased Emergency Cancellation Protection and the emergency happens between March 23–April 5, 2024, and it meets the coverage criteria, you may complete a claim form (within 30 days of the end of the event) to request a refund of your registration fee.



Q:    I am registering my supervisor for AACC Annual and need to know if meals are included in registration?

A:.   The association provides meals at the following events. 
•    Friday - Commission meetings – by invitation (continental breakfast or heavy snacks)
•    Friday & Saturday - Board of Directors Meeting – by invitation (lunch and breakfast)
•    Saturday – Opening Reception (reception foods, action stations, and bar)
•    Sunday – Hail and Farewell Luncheon and AACC Annual Business Meeting – ticketed event (lunch)
•    Monday – Awards of Excellence Gala – ticketed event (dinner)
•    Tuesday – Outstanding Alumni Brunch – ticketed event (breakfast/brunch)

Please note that additional fees are associated with ticketed events. Also, events hosted by affiliated organizations are not managed by AACC.  Please contact those organizations directly to request information about their events.

Q:    I see several breakfast meetings and receptions listed on the agenda on Sunday and Monday. Can I go to those breakfast meetings and receptions?

A:    Affiliates can host business meetings and events during AACC Annual.  The hosting organization controls the guest list for these events.  If a meeting is listed as an invitation-only, it is not an open meeting/event. 


Q:    AACC offers enrichment activities that encourage networking among attendees. Do I have to register for any of these items?

A:    No, if you are registered for the meeting.  We provide enrichment opportunities that people can sign up for and attend solo. Attending these events allows attendees to develop relationships with other community college leaders. Each opportunity has a maximum number of participants. Once all the event tickets are sold, no additional slots will be added, so it is best to sign up for activities you’re interested in as soon as possible.

Q:    Last year, AACC offered optional activities like focus groups, corporate dinners, and speed networking. I don’t see those options this year. Why?

A:    Due to registrant confusion, AACC has removed these items from the agenda and will reach out to individuals attending the meeting to extend these offers one-on-one.

Q:    I only registered for base registration.  Now, since I’ve checked in, I’d like to add tickets to my registration.  What do I do?

A:    Once registration closes on March 22, tickets will no longer be available for purchase. If a ticketed event has a maximum number of tickets available, once those tickets are purchased the item will no longer be available even if there is still time to register. You are encouraged to select the events you want to attend as early as possible.


Q:    How many abstracts will AACC accept for inclusion in the 2024 meeting?

A:    There are roughly 184 abstract slots available.

Q:    I am considering submitting an abstract for consideration for the 2024 AACC Annual agenda. What is the likelihood of my submission getting accepted?

A:    While we are not able to provide you with specifics around the likelihood of an abstract getting accepted, we can tell you that you are more likely to have your abstract accepted if you follow the directions as provided: be clear, be concise, and be innovative. Additionally, consider incorporating information from your response to the question, “Why should attendees care about your topic?” in your actual session description. State the problem in one sentence and describe the solution you’ve come up with to address the problem. 

Q:    What are the eligibility requirements for submitting an abstract?

A:     The submitter of an abstract must be a member of AACC. Membership includes institutional members, educational associate members, affiliated councils, and corporate partners. Non-members may co-present but cannot be the lead in submitting a proposal(s).

Q:     If I submit an abstract, can I change it before the deadline?

A:    If you begin the abstract application process, if you don’t complete the submission (hit “submit”), you may go back and change the abstract, up to the proposal deadline on October 31, 2023. Once you submit a proposal, you cannot modify it. Individuals who hit “save and return later” on an abstract submission must log into the Abstract Service Center to hit “submit” by the deadline for the session to be considered for inclusion on the agenda. 

Q:     How many speakers can I include in an abstract submission?

A:     Up to 3 presenters; this includes the submitter and two co-presenters.

Q:     When will I determine if my abstract was approved or rejected?

A:     The deadline for submitting abstracts was November 10, 2023. Once the deadline passes, the abstract review will begin. Accepted abstracts will be scheduled. We anticipate notifications for accepted abstracts will be sent out the first week of December. 

Q:     Can I change the speakers on my abstract after it has been accepted?

A:     AACC will send the submitter of each accepted abstract an email that requests that he/she/they accept or reject the abstract as scheduled. During this period, the only modification that can be made to the submission is the speaker list. The edits to the speaker list must be made during the week-long period open for accepting/rejecting proposals. Requests for speaker changes will not be accepted after the deadline.

Q:     My abstract was accepted, but I don’t like the time and date that it has been scheduled. What can I do?

A:     AACC receives more than 300 abstracts annually. Accepted sessions are randomly placed on the agenda in every available time slot before acceptances are emailed to the submitters. Therefore, the association cannot move sessions once scheduled, as no open time slots are available to accommodate this type of request.


Q:     If I am registered as booth staff, what is included?

A:     The base registration for the AACC Annual Meeting includes access to all sessions and exhibitors, as well as the opening reception. While the opening session is available at no cost to the registrant, the opening session must be selected during registration.

Q:     I am registered as a booth staff, but I am also a speaker. Do I have to register as a speaker as well?

A:     No. Your booth staff registration covers you as a speaker.

Q:     I received an email from a third-party provider indicating they are selling the AACC Annual attendee list. Is this factual?

A:     No. AACC does not work with any third parties, nor do we sell attendee lists. During registration, each registrant decides on what, if any, contact information they authorize AACC to share with exhibitors. AACC will only share contact information where we have received permission from exhibitors and sponsors whose packages include pre- and post-registration lists. 

Q:    Does the AACC show provide scheduled uninterrupted time for attendees to visit exhibitors?

A:     Yes. AACC has built-in exhibit-only time on the master schedule. This is time set aside so that meeting attendees can visit exhibitor demonstration kiosks. 

Q:     Can I reserve a meeting space?

A:    Meeting space requests are prioritized and given first to educational associates and corporate partners. If a company is interested in booking meetia breakfast or reception meeting spaces may be possible based on the amount of unscheduled space that AACC has available. The space will have a cost associated if the request is not from a member organization and must be paid before March 1. AACC also reserves the right to decline requests for meeting space.

Q:     Can I attend the opening plenary?

A:    You must select a complimentary ticket to participate in the registration process so that AACC can get an accurate count on the number of individuals we expect.

Q:     What about the other plenaries – can I attend those as well?

A:     You can attend the other ticketed plenaries if you select them in registration and you pay the fees associated with them. 

Q:    I didn’t book the sponsorship/exhibit for my company, and I have questions. Where should I go?

A:    If you are an exhibitor/sponsor and have questions about what you’ve purchased, please visit registration (not the exhibitor service center) and request to speak with the onsite staff responsible for supporting sponsors/exhibitors.


Q:     If I am a speaker, is there a special registration rate for me?

A:     No. The published rate is the same for speakers and attendees.

Q:     I am a speaker and I need to register. Can I use the attendee registration form?

A:     AACC has created a special speaker form that you are required to use if you are a speaker. This registration form can be accessed through the Speaker Service Center. This allows us to provide you with special speaker-specific communications. If you register using the general attendee form, we cannot guarantee that you will receive pertinent information.

Q:     Can I just register to attend my session only?

A:     No. There is a flat registration rate. AACC does not offer a speaker rate, nor do we offer daily rates. All speakers must pay the flat registration rate by mid-December. If speakers do not register, the scheduled abstract is subject to being removed from the agenda. 

Q:     Should I upload my presentation before the AACC Annual Meeting?

A:     While you are not required, we strongly recommend uploading your slides before the event. This will allow session attendees to access your slides if they need to refer to them during and after the session. This will not allow you to access the slides for your presentation.

Q:    Will there be a speaker-ready room?

A:     In the past, AACC has not provided a speaker-ready room. In 2024, there will be a speaker-ready room that speakers can visit to double-check that their slides work and to test videos. The room will be open for speakers to visit during convention hours.


Q:    I need housing, but I am not attending the annual meeting. Can I still book through the AACC room block?

A:    Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate housing requests that are not tied to a registration record. 

Q:    How many hotels are available to conference attendees?

A:    AACC has secured a block of rooms at four properties. If a hotel block sells out, it will be removed from your lodging options in the registration form. Only properties that have inventory will show up when you register. 

Q:     Can I contact the hotel directly to make my housing reservation?

A:     No. AACC manages its own room block. To access the group rate, all reservations must be made through the 2024 AACC Annual registration form. If you do not make your reservation when you registered, you can modify your registration by going to the appropriate Service Center.

Q:     I booked my lodging through a third-party website, and now I want to request that my lodging be added to the AACC housing block. Can I do that?

A:     Unfortunately, no. AACC serves as its own housing bureau. Third-party companies like Expedia and Hotels.com are not affiliated with the organization. If you book through these companies, you are subject to their policies. You must cancel that reservation and rebook through the AACC registration form to secure lodging in the AACC housing block. 

AACC recommends that attendees book through our housing bureau. Several unreputable poachers in the meeting space will take your money for a reservation, but they don’t have a relationship with the hotel where you are trying to stay.

Q:    Is there a housing deadline?

A:     Yes. The deadline to make housing arrangements at the group rate is March 13, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. (ET). If you plan to book housing after the housing deadline, you must contact the hotel directly and make your reservation. Reservations made directly with the hotel are subject to the hotel’s published room rates and taxes.

Q:     If I didn’t book my room when I initially registered to attend AACC Annual, how do I add it to my registration?

A:     This will depend on the form that you used to register. If you are a meeting attendee, log into the Attendee Service Center. If you are registered as a speaker, you must log into the Speaker Service Center. Mouse over the Service Center Header > scroll down to housing on the navigation > make your housing selection and submit.

Q:    I booked my housing reservation but didn’t receive a confirmation number.

A:    AACC serves as its own housing bureau. If you make a housing reservation before the housing deadline of March 13, you will receive an acknowledgment number from AACC. After the housing deadline passes, AACC will upload all reservation requests to the hotel. After March 13, you will receive a confirmation number from the hotel. 

Q:    I need to modify my housing request. How can I do that?

A:     If you have booked housing before March 13 through AACC, you must log into the appropriate Service Center (Attendee Service Center or Speaker Service Center) to modify your reservation. You cannot contact the hotel for reservation changes until March 15, when AACC will turn reservations over to the hotel.

Q:    An emergency came up, and I cannot attend the Annual Meeting. What do I need to do?

A:    In addition to canceling your registration, please contact the hotel directly to cancel your lodging. Once AACC turns all reservations to the hotel, we can no longer modify or cancel them for you. Depending on when you cancel, you may be inside of the hotel’s cancellation policy.  You are responsible for paying any penalties related to canceling your lodging within the window established by the hotel.

Q:    I booked my housing directly with the hotel, but my rate is much higher. Can I get the group rate applied to my existing reservation?

A:    AACC acts as its own housing bureau to secure its room block(s). The only way to book lodging with AACC at the group rate is through the association’s registration form. If you book with a third-party site or directly with the hotel, you are subject to the rates they impose.  AACC has no control over the inventory they are selling, and they can set the rates as they deem appropriate.

If you secured lodging before the housing cutoff deadline through a third party or directly with the hotel, the only way to get the group rate is to cancel the original reservation and book a reservation through the service center appropriate to your registration type (i.e., attendee, speaker, exhibitor, etc.). Once the block closes, we cannot accommodate your request.

Q:    I registered for the meeting, but I was not able to book the hotel that I wanted. Can I move to my preferred hotel?

A:    AACC has contracted rooms at several hotels. There are a limited number of rooms in each block. Once the block has been booked, no more rooms are available. Only available inventory will show up in the record for you to book. If you have a preferred property, you are encouraged to register as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of booking lodging at your preferred property.


Q:     What are AACC’s COVID-19 requirements for the 2024 AACC Annual?

A:     AACC requests that each attendee complete a rapid test before traveling to Kentucky. If the test is positive, the individual should not attend the meeting. Currently, we are not implementing any COVID-19 policies in the meeting space. Masks are recommended, not required, for individuals concerned about contracting COVID. AACC will continue to monitor COVID-19 guidelines, so our requirements for the meeting are subject to change.

Q:     If I attend the meeting and contract COVID-19, what are my next steps?

A:     First, please notify the show management of your status. AACC show management will interface with the hotel to provide you with options. Most likely you will have to quarantine in your room. Fees associated with quarantine are your responsibility.

Q:     If I am concerned about COVID, what should I do?

A:     You must decide for yourself if you feel comfortable attending the meeting, as the risk posed by COVID-19 is everywhere. Washing your hands frequently, wiping down surfaces before and after you use them, getting vaccinated/boosted, and wearing a mask are all things that you should consider doing to cut down on your risk of infection.

Q:     If I am diagnosed with COVID-19 after I return home for the meeting, do you need to know?

A:     AACC does not plan to track COVID-19 infections for 2024. However, this could change based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.


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